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  Mergers & Aquisitions


  Human Resources and
  Delegation of personnel

  Rehabilitation / Revitalization
  Restructuring / Reorganization
  Rationalizing / Streamlining



Personnel - search
„executive search" -
  • Definition of requirements, targets and tasks,
  • creation of job - profile and „company - message“,
  • definition of best approach to candidates,
  • selection of communication – media and time,
  • creation, design and placement of advertisement.
Personnel - selection
  • receipt and evaluation of applications,
  • invitation of appropriate candidates for interviews,
  • discrete discussion of their curriculum vitae, education, training, past career and termination of contracts, successes and failures, future career plans and expected salary, we watch the manner of applicants presentation.
  • at the introduction of applicants to client or while interview with client, we prefer to be present !
  • we create, organize and moderate hearings, assessment – centers und tests
Personnel - Marketing
  • Internal und external personnel - marketing,
  • “company – culture and personnel – image”,
  • analyses of fluctuation, comparison and evaluation of salary – systems.
Dismissals / Outplacement
  • Analyses of dismissed personnel abilities, such as hobbies, special - knowledge and knowledge in other profession - ranges,
  • strategies for active research of new jobs,
  • preparing the dismissed personnel by training in groups and / or individually coaching, methodical and technical application, technics on interviews,
  • active mediation and conveying.- support at start and during integration phase.
Only top- and high - level management personnel
iFor various professions and tasks with different qualification- and experience, delegation only in accordance with clients requirements.

Our managers and specialists will be delegated only after a serious check of suitable qualification and experience in close cooperation with client.

Bargaining is not our philosophy, this type of business will be let to other companies, qualified and professional staff from a good house has a good price!

Your advantage

  • save time and money for personnel recruitment,
  • our personnel is available in very short time,
  • in case of sickness, leave a. s. o. no costs will arise for client,
  • clients only have to pay actual working time to fixed prices,
  • no charging of additional costs to clients company,
  • the staff structure of clients company remains unchanged,
  • our company is specialized on human resources management AND personal - delegation, this opens a wide human resources - field

Your requirements

  • contact us approx. 2 weeks before start of work and inform us about requirements (in emergency: 1 day before start)
  • we need following information:
  • necessary qualification and requested additional qualification
  • planned start of work
  • scheduled duration of delegation
  • place of work

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