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“Searching, finding, installing of business successors, managing the transactions”, this complicated task requires a high degree of special knowledge and experience. Close cooperation of all integrated members is essential for success of such deals.

Selling a Company

Most important factor for successful sale is, to provide a wide market. Only if there are more potential buyers, the seller can realize his / her key - interests.

We protect the interests of each owner with professional buy / sell – agreements and an carefully and discrete approach to selected buyers. This prevents later disputes when an event or transfer occurs and is restricting the transferability of such interests to desired individuals.

„The sale of a company - the entrepreneurs life-work - is often related with questions, doubts and fears. We make chances und risks of such deals transparent and develop strategy and measures in close cooperation with the seller.

The sale of a company is a process with manifold backgrounds and different considerations. Entrepreneurs feel responsible for his staff and their families. Long-lasting relationship to customers and suppliers have grown and become successful with time.

"Where is the company’s way leading to in future?"
With this or similar questions many entrepreneurs are left alone.

A profound analyze of the companies possibilities / perspectives is one of the keys.


"Who will buy my company?"
Such questions concerns many company – owners. Often the company’s structure already shows the way to the buyer.

There are strategic buyers such as competitors, finance investors or new founders, anyway, to use the right strategy is the most important aspect.

It is the sellers one and only decision, if he is willing to work for a certain period together with the buyer as consultant,


Price and subsequently the value of a company is an important aspect, but not only the values of the balance-sheet has to be considered.

It is the company’s know-how, business relation and structures, which are together the deciding aspects, these together show the companies potential and possibilities of earnings.

In this period of the entrepreneurs life, we would like to be his competent partner and individual advisor as well as his confidential consultant.

Buying a company … GROW OR GIVE WAY!

Buying a company for strategic - reasons rises fast.

Why searching for new markets and distribution channels?
Why developing new products with own resources, if there are other companies at the market, doing it already and even better?

To buy a company may not only reduce costs, in many cases very interesting synergies can be achieved.

We support buyers at their search for suitable investments by professional and goal-oriented strategies, we help in all matters and attend the transaction until closing at notary.

Therefore, CONIS is a competent partner even for founders.


The „ideal object“ is not only a question of profession, region and size. Important is also the human relationship to the seller.

The step to foundation may be in 2 ways:

  • Set up a company at the “green field”,
  • buying / take over and continue an established company.
The advantages of taking – over an existing business are manifold.

The company’s know-how, the experience, structures, relation to customers and suppliers, staff and authorities, all this is already available and must not be re-established.

In many cases the former owner is working close together with the buyer and is helping as a valuable consultant and partner during the rebuilt and new start - up.

The success of CONIS is based upon experience, competence and creative solutions in mergers & acquisitions. We are cooperating with international partners and specialists, this opens a wide data - range with listed sellers and interested buyers.

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